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January Meal Plan

2021 written on white flour on a wooden table with a rolling pin.

Is your New Year’s Resolution to start eating healthier and/or to include more grains into your meals? We’re here to help with our January Meal Plan! Planning and making meals can be very daunting especially with the ease of ordering take-out or getting food delivered to your door. Make more meals at home, easily with our month-long meal plan. Find breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert ideas below- all made from Ontario barley, corn, oats, soybeans and wheat grains!

Simply click on the recipe, save or print the recipe card and use this month! Want to see our January Meal Plan recipes in your web browser? Click here!

How long do you cook tofu for? What type of oats do you use in soups?
What is cornmeal and how do I add it my meals?

Bowl of oatmeal topped with chopped bananas, strawberries, and nuts.

Get these questions and others answered with our How To Cook guides to learn how to cook and use Ontairo grains in your meals!

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