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Let’s celebrate food again by sharing our unique and diverse food stories.

What’s your food story?

Everyone has a food story; a moment or memory in their lies where food was a central piece. Perhaps it was your wedding dinner, or the first time your tried your favourite food. Maybe it’s travelling the world to experience new foods.

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“Sitting around with many of my relatives celebrating the Chinese New Year eating a big dinner of many different kinds of food including shrimps and fried meats and plates of festivals, bread and dumplings. We are drinking beer and enjoying each other’s company.”

“My favorite meal memories are the ones with all the family eating together. Enjoying time spent together laughing, talking passing the platers around eating our favorite meal. Meal time is when you truly feel the love of family.”

“Sitting down with the whole family, gathered around the dinner table and reminiscing about the old times with family. Mealtimes always brought the family together, to eat, drink and be together.”

Where do our food stories start?

We are all a part of Ontario’s food stories but, farms and farmers are the beginning. As farmers, we create stories with each harvest. These are the stories of our passion for Ontairo food and our land. But, without you, a farmer’s food story wouldn’t be complete. Food provides us with a connection to the land, to our communities and to our families.

How are grains grown?

Everyone has a food story, and ours starts here.

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“My favourite memory about food is always with my Dad…every time the Toronto Maple Leafs played we would order pizza and watch the game and have cookies or chocolate for dessert.”