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Good in Every Story

From the field to the city, there’s good in every story.

Meal plan the last few weeks of summer

#TrainWithGrain tips for eating healthy

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Introducing: What’s Your Food Story?

Food has always been a part of our lives from the very first spoonful, every bite is a chapter in our food story. We all have a different food story, and it is time to share yours!

What’s Your Food Story? invites everyone across the province regardless of location, age and culture to celebrate food and its place in our lives. Food is more than just fueling our bodies, it’s a part of our life story. Holiday meals with family, brunches with friends, experiencing new tastes on world travels, and celebrating our heritage are all moments that have roots in the food we eat.?

It’s time to share your story. Celebrate food and those moments today by sharing #YourFoodStory.

Share #YourFoodStory with us to win great prizes!

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Got a question about Ontario grains, or how they are grown? Send us a message and we will answer #YourQuestions in a blog post!

We answered #YourQuestions!

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Do you find you’re struggling to eat more whole grains?

Do you need some suggestions on how to add them to your meal planning? Read our shortlist on how to add more whole grains to your diet.

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