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Draw With Rob

A NEW series of interactive FREE videos and related educator resources that use art to plant a lifelong awareness of local farming, food origins and nutrition in the minds of elementary students!

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New from Good in Every Grain: What’s Your Food Story?

Food has always been a part of our lives from the very first spoonful, every bite is a chapter in our food story.

What’s Your Food Story? invites everyone across the province regardless of location, age and culture to celebrate food and its place in our lives.

It’s time to share your story. Celebrate food and those moments today by sharing #YourFoodStory

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Wheat germ: the good kind of germ

There is a good kind of germ- the germ found in wheat! Did you know wheat germ is the heart of a wheat kernel? It is the smallest part of the kernel but is the most nutritious part.  

Find out more about the health benefits of consuming wheat germ, and how you can add it to your diet.

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7 dinner ideas ready in 30 minutes

No one wants to spend a long time making dinner, especially when the weather is nice outside! Make these recipes in under 30 minutes for quick and easy dinners.

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Whether in our food, fuel, or furniture, every grain brings a natural and sustainable solution to our everyday lives. From the farmers in the fields to the wholesome food on tables across Ontario – there’s Good in Every Grain.

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Hey kids! Got a question about grain farming? Let us know!


June Recipe Spotlight:

Whole wheat fusilli pasta with mushroom and spinach on a dark plate over old rustic wooden background.Top view with copy space.

This Spinach and Mushroom Whole Wheat Pasta is packed with fibre from spinach and the whole wheat pasta. A tasty dinner that is great for protecting your heart health! There has been lots of research on the strong linkage between heart health and the consumption of whole grains. Whole grains contain lots of fibre that help to improve heart health.?

Try it for dinner tonight

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a thin-crust pizza with tomatoes and basil
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