Fields to Forks

#YourFarmers focus on growing safe, healthy and delicious grains while protecting our Earth’s resources. Farming with soil sustainability in mind allows farmers like Dave and Tennille to grow our food today while protecting our farmland for future generations.

Tips for getting your kids into the kitchen

As kids settle back into class and families look towards getting back into the routine of healthy meal planning, we know how important it is for everyone in the family to contribute to healthy meals. Are you trying to get your kids more involved in the kitchen? We’ve got three tips and recipes that can help encourage kids to start cooking their own meals and snacks!

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Agriculture and Climate Change

If you’ve been reading the news lately you might have heard a lot of conversations about climate change and what we all can do to reduce our impact. Driving less, unplugging household devices, eliminating single use plastic are all ways we can help reduce our carbon footprints. A lot of sources saying changing our diet can also help.

Is agriculture or the food we eat to blame for climate change? Will changing our eating habits, and ultimately changing Canadian agriculture help the environment?

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