Fall Decorating with Grains

Have you started your fall decorations yet? Ontario grains have so many benefits: their quality and uses are known worldwide, are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and of course they look so great growing in the fields! But, did you know you can create your own fall decorations using Ontario grains? We’ve saved some great ideas on our Pinterest board, “Decorating with Grains”.¬†¬†

Here are two ways to decorate your home this fall using dried corn husks. A corn husk is generally the outside covering of an ear of corn and a corn husk bundle can include the dried leave and stalks and tassels from the plant.

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Celebrate Ontario agriculture with us!

This week is Ontario Agriculture Week! We want to celebrate Ontario’s amazing agriculture and the nutritious food that is produced locally. Looking for ways to celebrate #YourFarmers this week? Try producing meals made from local fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy and Ontario grains!

We’ve got some of our favourite fall recipes listed below that you can try this week using local products!

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Fields to Forks

#YourFarmers focus on growing safe, healthy and delicious grains while protecting our Earth’s resources. Farming with soil sustainability in mind allows farmers like Dave and Tennille to grow our food today while protecting our farmland for future generations.