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The start of the 2020-2021 school year is going to be very different for a lot of students, parents and teachers. We have compiled some of our resources, activities, videos and blog posts into a Virtual Classroom Resource page to help you tell the story of Ontario grain farming, and help your students understand where their food comes from.

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Grade 3 What’s Growing On

This kit is designed to be used in the classroom with accompanying seed planting kits, but you can download the Grade 3 educator guide with activities ideas for a virtual lesson.

Order seed kits for your classroom! Each kit includes a cup, soil wafer, seeds as well as teacher or parent guide to help guide your students through the activities!

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Grade 6-8 Growing for the Future

Our Grade 6-8 Growing for the Future teacher guide is an online downloadable pdf filled with activities to help your students learn about biodiversity, sustainability, end products made from grains and biotechnology.

Grains in Our Life Activity

Best suited for students aged 5-11.

While your students watch the following videos, have them fill out Grains in Our Life worksheet to record different food and household items that are made from Ontario grains.

Then, they can create a poster using the Grains in Our Life poster template to display around their home showing the many grain-based products we use every day.

Sustainability and Ontario Grains Activity

Best suited for students aged 12-18.

While your students watch the following videos on how Ontario grain farmers farm with sustainability in mind, have them answer the questions found in our Sustainability and Ontario Grains worksheet.

Then, using the information they learned, assign each student sustainability practise and using, our Sustainability Practise Research Guide have them research and answer questions on common sustainability practise used in Ontario.

Watch how #YourFarmers are growing grains with our video library!

Blog Posts for further reading


Check out our in-person classroom resources for Grades 3 and Grade 6-8

Download Activity and Factsheets

Download these activity sheets and informative fact sheets for further reading and activities!

English Resources for TeachersFrench Resources for Teachers
What’s Growing On Seed KitsQu’est-ce qu’ON cultive?
End Products Colouring SheetsFeuilles à colorier
Ontario Grains Activity SheetD’activité des grains de l’Ontario
Soil Activity SheetQue désirez-vous savoir à propos des OGM?
GMO’s – What are the benefitsQu’est -ce que le glyphosate?
GMO’s – What do you want to know
Healthy Eating Tips
Pollinator Fact Sheets
Pesticide Fact Sheet
What is Glyphosate
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