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Episode 1 – Magic Beans

A series of interactive FREE videos and related educator resources that use art to plant a lifelong awareness of local farming, food origins and nutrition in the minds of elementary students!

Grades: 1-4

Resources: Videos and supporting art activities with extension options to suit teacher requirements and student needs and abilities

Delivery Options: In-classroom or remote learning

Time: ~19-min videos + drawing time & optional extension activities

Art Principals of Design: Contrast, repetition/rhythm, variety

Curriculum Connections: Visual arts, drama, life systems

Relevance to the Ontario Arts Curriculum Grades 1-8: Visual Arts D1 Creating and Presenting; D2 Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing; D3 Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts; Dance A1 Creating and Presenting

Episode 1 – Magic Beans

Rob Biddulph guides students through drawing some sleepy soybean characters inside — and out — of their cozy pod, while introducing the concept of plant growth and the many uses of soybeans (including crayons!).

The Educator Resource features creative art activities to explore plant growth, featuring multi-media activities, student movement and drama.

Core concepts: sculptures and mosaics, dramatization of the life cycle, multimedia art, Canadian and Indigenous art, and plant growth.

Want a bag of magic beans? Just click below and we’ll ship your class enough soybeans to play, plant, discover and be amazed. Available for Ontario classrooms.

Did you know soybeans can grow flowers?


The #DrawWithRobCanada videos and resources have been developed in partnership with the amazing educators at Canada’s Agriculture and Food Museum.  Find out more about their education programming at

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