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Let’s plant some good ideas

Hi educators! We want to help you make local farming, food origins and nutrition meaningful to your students. So, we’ve prepared a video library, lesson plans, unique arts-based activities, worksheets, fun classroom snack ideas and more, all available for FREE! And because we’re Ontarians too, our resources are designed to help you teach to Ontario curriculum guidelines in the areas of arts, science, technology, the environment and math.

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Why teach agriculture?

Good in every Grain provides resources that correlate with Ontario’s Arts and Science and Technology curricula. We offer a unique approach that has students become artists and scientists, applying creativity and play concepts to learning about science and technology as they explore food, plants, soil health, worms, tractors, tech, seeds and more. Learning about agriculture, farming and food science is enlivened with easily visualized examples, real-world concepts and fun activities that spark a child’s imagination.

Modern agriculture is exciting and changing! Today’s farm involves agriculture and food sciences and technology, and soon it will include precision-agriculture and techgronomy, which will integrate technology with current and future farming systems.

What’s Growing ON? seed kits

These free kits help Ontario students understand the role of grains in the lives of Ontarians.

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