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Good in Every Grain resource explores crop rotations for Earth Day

Good in Every Grain will celebrate Earth Day 2022 by giving teachers a practical application for teaching about agriculture. This new student worksheet, Graphing Fun with Farmers, explores crop rotation practices in Ontario.

What is a crop rotation?

A crop rotation is when farmers rotate which crops are planted in their fields each year, instead of growing the same crop year after year on the same field. Farmers choose their own rotations; some have 3 year rotations of corn, soybeans and wheat, while others may have a 5 year rotation of corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and oats. They may also add in other crops like hay, canola, or vegetables crops to their rotation!

Rotating their crops is a sustainable practise that helps farmers boost their soil health, reduce pests (like weeds, diseases or insects) and manage their nutrients use. Different grain plants will need different nutrients each year.

The worksheet, developed for students in grades 3 – 4, gives students the opportunity to practice their graphing skills using the real-life example of crop rotation. Students will interpret data about crop types, how extensively they are planted, and how they protect the soil. The activity also gives students the chance to create their own action plan for investing in our planet.

The new resource is free for teachers to download.

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