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The Farmerettes classroom resources

Good in Every Grain is pleased to revisit the Farmerettes whom we introduced to teachers and students in November 2021. We’re bringing them back by popular demand! As always, the resources are FREE and easy to use!

FREE 12×18″ poster

Shipped to all Ontario teachers who registered for the virtual class visit. While supplies last.

The Farmerettes signed a pledge as members of the Ontario Farm Service Force. The certificate included a motivational poem to inspire persistence and determination. We’ve turned it into a poster to serve as a reminder in your classroom. 

Watch the introductory video, Farmerettes – Teen War Heroes

Designed to introduce students to the Farmerettes – who, what, where, when.  Run time: 20 minutes. 

We also have FREE resources for your classroom

Discussion guide

There is a lot to talk about! This discussion guide offers several points of entry into your exploration of this little-known story from Canadian history with opportunity for cross-curricular teaching. 

Download Guide

STEM challenge

Farm life presents many problems. This unique activity gives students the opportunity to find solutions to issues on the farm that farmerettes may have faced. Designed by an Ontario teacher.

Download STEM Challenge

Literacy activity pack

Expand students’ understanding of Farmerettes and agriculture while they practice reading and understanding information text. 

  • Essay: Teen Heroes Who Fed Canada
  • Comprehension and Inference
  • Making Connections
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Mapping Farmerette Farms
Download activity pack

Postage stamp art project

Students design their own Farmerette stamps while learning about Canada Post. Includes instructions, template, and Google Slide presentation.

View guide

Printable bookmarks

Encourage literacy with these customizable bookmarks.  Printable template.

Download template

Word search puzzle

Great to use as an early finisher activity or for indoor recess!

Download puzzle

Cursive writing example

These Farmerettes letters offer first-hand accounts of the farm experience and an interesting example for students learning cursive.

View guide

Teacher-created Google Slide deck

This Google Slide was created using our literacy activity pack for an easy-to-use online version of our activities.

AcCess Google Slides

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