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Treats for DIY Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 

Mother's Day baking jars

Spring is a wonderful time to show appreciation for the people who helped us grow up. On May 14, we’ll honour moms and the women who care for us and a month later, on June 18, we’ll do the same for dads and the important men in our lives.

We offer a range of activities to treat your own parental units or for your students to take home to their parents. Or make a booklet of the recipes and activities for students to take home for fun family activities.

No-bake protein power balls, a simple recipe to pack in a small container or box to take home.

Sweet soy butter squares. No-bake recipe that has only 3 ingredients and takes only 10 minutes.

Scotch teas. Just 5 ingredients and 30 minutes from start to a yummy treat.

Blueberry muffin-in-a-mug, an easy celiac-friendly single serving to mix and bake in a mug. Requires a microwave oven.

Granola bark to pack in small containers or bags.

Chex mix. The perfect snack to share while watching a favourite sport or show. Contains peanuts. Requires microwave or stove top.

Mother’s Day baking jars  (most complicated, no baking).