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8 dinner ideas when you don’t know what to cook

Confused black couple cooking pastry with recipe on laptop

Trying to come up with a dinner idea when you don’t feel like cooking is the worst feeling. Solution? 8 dinner ideas when you don’t know what to cook from Good in Every Grain.

There really are two steps on preparing dinner. First, deciding on what to cook and second, the actually cooking and preparing your meal.

We can all agree step one might be hardest. Trying to decide what to have for dinner can be really tough especially when it feels like you have already eaten your family staple recipes this week. Try these good grain recipes the next time your in a recipe slump!

Whiskey and Soy Pork Chops

corn whisky and soy sauce glazed pork chops
Corn whisky and soy Sauce pork chops

Infuse your next sit down meal with a blend of Ontario grain corn whisky and soy sauce topped over pork chops with asparagus and potatoes in this easy to make dinner recipe!

Barley Stuffed Peppers

Barley Stuffed Peppers

Stuff cooked peppers with whole grain barley and extra lean ground meat of your choice for a tasty weeknight meal.

Beef sirloin with mushroom whisky sauce

Beef sirloin with mushroom whisky sauce
Beef sirloin with mushroom whisky sauce.

Make your own sauce for your next steak dinner! Top Ontario corn-fed beef steaks with a homemade mushroom whisky sauce made from Ontario grain corn.

Spiced Tofu and Bean Tacos

Healthy Homemade Tofu Tacos with Tomato, Black Bean, Onion and Cilantro

This high protein dish features tofu made from soybeans paired with black beans, chilli powder, red onions and feta cheese for a mouthwatering weeknight meal. Don’t let us “taco ’bout it”, try it tonight!

Pulled Ontario beef

Pulled Ontario beef on a bun.

Using an Ontario corn fed beef blade roast, cook in a crockpot or Dutch oven until tender. Pull a part and serve on a whole wheat bun, over rice or in warmed flour tortillas.

Barley and Pork Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls with pork, barley and vegetables on the plate. Stuffed cabbage leaves with meat. Wooden background
Barley and pork cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls are a staple in many Eastern European cuisines. We decided to create this favourite food by adding pearl barley, a whole grain that carries a nutty and chewy texture that compliments the flavourful pork and onion filling.

Creamy Grain Corn Polenta

Basic polenta in a bowl on wooden background. Traditional Italian food, vegan food.
Creamy grain corn polenta.

Polenta is an Italian dish found in Northern Italy and is a grain textured porridge type dish made from cornmeal, chestnuts or chickpeas. Polenta is slow-cooked in liquid until the grains swell and the starches are released. At this point, it has a thick, creamy consistency and is ready to be eaten. Today, polenta is a perfect base dish for hearty slow-cooked beef ribs or sautéed vegetables.

Pulled Chicken Soup with Wheat Berries

pulled chicken soup with wheat berries and vegetables
Pulled chicken soup with wheat berries and vegetables

There’s nothing better than a one-pot meal that you can make on the weekend to last you all week. This hearty chicken soup is loaded with veggies to be nourishing and comforting for those chilly evenings. Lastly, it’s also packed with grains, which are an important source of many nutrients like fibre, and B vitamins.