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How many pounds of grain can one acre produce?

How many pounds of grain can one acre produce? Grain is typically measured in tonnage not pounds due to the largest amount grown each year! There is lots of variables that would impact how many tonnes come off one acre of grain: the weather and growing conditions, what grain we are talking about, and where in Ontario that acre is.

Did you know one acre of grain is roughly the same size as 2.5 hockey rinks?

Typically, we can average it out to:

  • Barley 1.24 tonnes/1 acre*
  • Corn: 4.14 tonnes/1 acre *
  • Oats: 0.99 tonnes/1 acre *
  • Soybeans: 1.27 tonnes/ 1 acre *
  • Wheat: 2.30 tonnes/1 acre*

The average farm size in Ontario is somewhere between 800 and 1,000 acres. Each year the amount of grain grown on an acre can change, these are the just the averages that were recorded after the 2019 growing year!

combine harvesting mature brown soybeans in a grain field in Ontario, Canada, and unloading mature soybeans into a grain buggy.
combine harvesting mature soybeans in Ontairo.
* Calculated by diving the total metric tonnes of the grain by the total acres grown via the Ontario grain markets report 2020 (