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Five kid-friendly recipes

We’ve complied a list of five kid-friendly recipes, because it can be hard to find whole grain recipes that your kids will love, especially if they’re picky eaters! Check out these new recipes that will be a hit with your kids, and will even be a hit with the grownups!

Kid-friendly recipe #1: Pizza pinwheels

pizza pinwheels made from whole wheat dough.

These pizza pinwheels are a fun-to-eat, cheesy, and tasty idea that are sure to have even the pickiest of eaters digging in! Use whole wheat pizza dough for whole grain goodness!

Kid-friendly recipe #2: Ghost pancakes

whole wheat pancakes cooked into the shape of a ghost!

Start your day off with a boo with these ghost pancakes that are a cute way to celebrate all things spooky and delicious whether it is Halloween or not! And, this recipe is easy enough that your kids can even begin prepping the ingredients themselves.

Kid-friendly recipe #3: Meatball subs

meatball subs made from Ontairo beans, beef on a toasted whole wheat bun.

Who doesn’t love meatball subs?! These meatball subs have a high protein twist and have been created with a dietitian in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide for a highly nutritious meal with maximum flavour! Check out the original recipe from Ontario Beans!

Kid-friendly recipe #4: Backyard corn dogs

homemade corn dogs made form Ontario cornmeal.

Backyard corn dogs are the perfect kid-friendly meal! They are fun to eat and tasty and a sure way to make sure that your picky eater isn’t feeding their dinner to the dog!

Kid-friendly recipe #5: Tofu neatballs

bowl of whole grain spaghetti with tofu neat balls.

A vegetarian twist on a classic dinner, these tofu neatballs are sure to have your kids asking for seconds! Top them over a bowl of whole wheat pasta with your favourite tomato sauce for an easy weeknight meal the whole family will enjoy.