Eric Prelaz, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers

Eric Prelaz

“Our passion, hard work, and determination has helped us grow within the agriculture industry. We believe in the acceptance to change, and diversification on our farm as well as producing the highest quality of food for our family and others.”

Eric is a third generation farmer near Thamesville Ontario. He grew up on Triple P Farms, which was formed in 1985. His Nonno (grandfather) and Nonna (grandmother) immigrated to Canada in 1959 from Italy with dreams of owning and operating their own farm. In 1971, that dream became reality when my Nonno bought our first 56 acre farm. The family farm was later formed into Triple P Farms founded by Eric‚Äôs father Jim, his twin brother Jerry, and their youngest brother Dario, where they are now cropping around 4000 acres. Continue reading “Eric Prelaz, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers”

Harvey Handsor, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers

Harvey Handsor

Farming in Chatham-Kent since 1846, the Handsor family has witnessed many changes in agriculture. Today, Harvey Handsor farms with his brother Stuart, outside Wallaceburg, Ontario. Currently growing corn, soybeans, wheat,¬†and sugar beets, the farm once hosted livestock such as pigs and cattle. In the 1990’s, as markets and interests changed for the family, livestock was phased out. Continue reading “Harvey Handsor, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers”

Stephen Boersma, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers

Stephen Boersma

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I’m studying crops now every day, and it’s just amazing what they’re capable of.

Stephen‚Äôs family grows corn, soybeans, and winter wheat on their farm near Exeter, ON, where they also raise broiler chickens and grow white beans. His grandparents began farming when they came over from the Netherlands in the mid 1950’s. Eventually, his father was able to quit his off-farm job as a truck driver to join the farm full-time. Now, Stephen and his brothers are involved in the day to day operation, and their grandparents have retired. Continue reading “Stephen Boersma, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers”

Emma Anger, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers

Emma Anger

Emma grew up on Colchester Farms, her family’s grain farm just outside of the small town of Harrow, ON. Emma is the fourth generation in her family‚Äôs five generation farm, which started as a dairy and grain operation (they sold the cattle in 1996). The Anger family now grow upwards of 3,000 acres of corn, soybeans, and winter wheat. The family also operates a trucking business, hauling grain for other farmers; they also do custom harvesting and seeding for other farmers. Continue reading “Emma Anger, 52 weeks of #YourFarmers”