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New Year’s Eve meal plan with Ontario grains

Celebrate 2022 with our New Year’s Eve meal plan with Ontario grains! We know meal planning for a gathering can be difficult and stressful, so we’ve gone ahead and planned a perfect New Year’s Even meal plan for you and your guests! This three-course, five recipe menu is crafted with complimentary flavours in mind and includes the goodness of Ontario grains.

Appetizer: Soy Honey Shrimp

Start off with an appetizer that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Cook raw shrimp in this delicious soy, honey, ginger and sriracha sauce. Then use leftover sauce as the perfect dip.

Drinks: Cranberry Rosemary Holiday Cocktail

Ring in the New year with a festive and unique cocktail. This great Cranberry Rosemary Holiday Cocktail features Ontario corn whisky, cranberry juice, and fresh rosemary. And the recipe is easy enough to make as a single serving or for a crowd!

Entrée: Beef sirloin with mushroom whisky sauce

Beef sirloin with mushroom whisky sauce

Impress your guests with beef this holiday! Enjoy tender and juicy Beef Sirloin with Mushroom Whisky Sauce for dinner. The mushroom whisky sauce makes a great pairing with the steak and a great companion to our cornbread side dish. Serve this with fresh steamed vegetables for a well-rounded dish!

Side Dish: Skillet cornbread

We want our entrée to be the star of the dish so we’re pairing it with a delicious and versatile Skillet Cornbread. Soak up the extra whiskey sauce on your plate with a slice of the cheese and jalapeno flavours. Plus, save yourself from the nuisance of cleaning a muffin pan with this skillet recipe!

Dessert: Oatmeal apple honey cake

Finish the meal off with this simple spiced Oatmeal Honey Apple Cake. It pairs wonderfully with coffee or ice cream (or another Cranberry rosemary cocktail!).