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Movie night snacks

Movie night- it’s something that is happening a lot more frequently now that the weather continues to drop and that we are staying at home.

A great movie night is made up of not only a good movie and a comfy couch… but also has great snacks!

Check out this list of 5 homemade movie night snack ideas that are sure to improve your movie night experience!

Movie night snack #1: Whole grain pita crisps with soy hummus

Mix it up from the traditional plain popcorn and a movie. Try these recipes for pita crisps and soy hummus for dipping that a healthy snack that pairs well with the most recent blockbuster movie!

Movie night snack #2: Chex mix

Chex mix is a snack that can use any type of snack that you may have lying around! It is the perfect snack to nibble on while your eyes are stuck to the screen!

Movie night snack #3: Pizza pinwheels

Movies go hand in hand with pizza. Try these easy-to-make pizza pinwheels that a no mess alternative to a traditional slice of pizza and a movie!

Movie night snack #4: Wonton taco cups

homemade taco cups wrappe din wonton wrappers and filled with vegetables

Tacos can be quite messy, and they are not a snack that is paired with a movie too often. Take the mess out of taco eating and try these wonton taco cups, a perfect, non-traditional snack to eat while watching a movie.

Movie night snack #5: Air fryer tofu bites

fried tofu on a white plate

Another spin on plain popcorn, try these Tofu Bites that can be easily made in the air fryer. No air fryer? No problem, this snack is just a delicious when made in the oven.