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collage of different Ontario grains growing in fields

How are the crops doing this summer after record breaking heat waves , and some overdue rain storms? Read more to learn where the grains are in their life cycles as of Mid July and how soon we’ll be seeing combines rolling in the fields!


Barley that was planted this spring is close to maturity! The kernels have been formed inside the barley heads and they’re gathering the necessary nutrients inside the seeds.


Ontario’s corn has been loving this heat! Many fields are now beginning to tassel & will soon drop their pollen. The pollen will land on the silks of the corn cob & will grow the seeds on the cobs. Fun fact, every silk will eventually turn into a corn kernel!


Much like barley, oats are beginning to mature & fill their seeds with fiber, proteins and starches. Oats prefer cooler climates so hot, humid weather could cause an increase in diseases or pests in the fields, but this field is looking oat-standing!


Did you know soybeans have white and purple flowers? Each flower on the stem will turn into a bean pod in the next month as the plants pollinate. can start to see their yield potential as they count the flowers on the stem.


Last week we spoke a little about  wheat harvest beginning across the province and what types of wheat we grow. This wheat field is only a few days until harvest! The seeds are still filling in the wheat heads- once they’re full the wheat heads will being to droop across the entire field.