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Early finisher activities

Independent activities for early finishers!

Avoid the time trap of creating early finisher activities! Foster independent learning in your students with activities they can select quietly and do on their own when they’ve finished a classroom assignment early.

Here are some FREE printable activities to use as-is or redefine for your classroom.

From the teachers’ Big List of Fast Finisher Activities

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From Good in Every Classroom

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Activity Sheets for Grades 1–3:

Colouring sheets of things made from grains

For Grades 3-6:

Draw With Rob!

Printable Drawing Activities:

Found on Pinterest

Quiet open tasks using materials you already have (or can make easily)

Money Math

  • Make representations of change—use small pieces of paper with numbers written on them, photocopy actual change, or print the coins from 5 cents to 2 dollars. Have students cut out the coins.
  • Write simple instructions for how to add or count the money. E.g.: make 80 cents three different ways; you buy something for 65 cents and pay with a loonie. How much change should you get?
  • Store several sets in containers where students can get them.

Bead Patterns

  • Keep containers of beads in an accessible place.
  • Include instructions on cards for making patterns or instructions to create a pattern and then write it down. E.g.: use 2 colours to make an ABAB pattern; with 3 colours, make an AABCC pattern; create a pattern with beads and write it down.