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Sustainability, stewardship and food security

Response to educator survey

Thank you to all the educators who have been participating in our monthly surveys.  Last month we asked educators for suggestions of topics that they would like to see in our newsletter.  As we say, there are no bad ideas! 

Educators requested newsletter content and resources on sustainability, stewardship and for resources that address food security in an age-appropriate manner for primary students. 

Starting in January, we are going to run a series of articles on these topics to get you ready for spring time!  Let’s start with an overview before we dive in.


Sustainability is a significant aspect of modern farming. Today’s farmers face more challenges than ever; they are being called on to grow more in the same fields they’ve always farmed and at the same time, maintain the nutritional value of crops and protect the environment. Grain crops like barley, corn, oats, soybeans, and wheat are grown by farmers to provide our food and the basis for many everyday products.

Lucky for us, farmers are good stewards of the land, intent on reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring the soil, water, and air can continue to sustain their crops. And they are making progress! Many traditional farming processes have changed to protect soil, such as reducing tilling, growing cover crops, rotating crops, minimizing soil compaction, and amending soil organically.

All farmers, and grain farmers in particular, have a huge role in feeding the world; globally, grains are the most important foods for feeding a growing population. Global food security and the future of farming depend on farmers. Ontario grain farmers are doing their part in maintaining a healthy, affordable food system while also working hard to protect or natural resources..

If you have any specific questions or topics that you would like covered, please let us know

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