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10 healthy eating tips during the holidays

small holiday gathering with man and woman talking

You can enjoy this season and eat healthy with our top ten healthy eating tips during the holidays!

The holidays are a celebratory season to gather (safely) with family and friends and to have a variety of delicious food and drinks. But it can be hard to eat healthy and to be mindful during this time of year. Check out our top ten tips below to help you enjoy the season, and still make healthy choices.

1.Balance and moderation. Healthy eating is all about creating healthy balanced plates and that includes during the holiday season. Choose healthier options and make sure you’re following the ½ plate of fruits and/or vegetables and ¼ protein and ¼ whole grains.

2. Be mindful. Avoid eating when talking or watching TV. Mindless eating can lead to overindulgence and eating too many calories.

3. Meal plan. Prep your meals in between those festive parts or dinners and choose healthy options. Use whole grains, proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables in those in-between meals to make sure in your downtime, you still choose healthy options.

4. Healthy snacks before shopping or holiday parties. Prep healthy snacks before you go shopping or to a holiday party to eat beforehand. There is nothing worse than going grocery shopping on an empty stomach or showing up to a holiday party-ready for ALL the appetizers. Eat a healthy snack beforehand to take the edge off to help you stay on track.

5. Don’t forget the drinks. A lot of holiday drinks and alcoholic beverages can be high in sugar, sodium and fats. Be mindful of what your drinking and don’t forget to drink water to balance those festive drinks out!

6. Exercise! There are a lot of great holiday activities that take place outside that you and your family enjoy this season! Go for a walk to see the festive decorations in your neighbourhood or go skating or tobogganing. Try to fit in some exercise during the holiday season.

7. Make room for the favourites. Don’t feel like you have to say no to your favourite holiday foods. Baking and decorating Gingerbread Cookies are always a family favourite and can still be done in a healthy way! Take smaller portions or know that is your treat that day after many other healthy options.

8. Don’t forget to sleep! When we get sleep deprived, we are more likely to consume high fat, sugar and sodium-filled meals. Make sure you are getting your rest this season to help keep those cravings away.

9. Wait before second helpings. When there is so much food around, it’s easier to help yourself to a second helping. But it takes time for your stomach to signal your brain that you are actually full- so take some time to let your food digest and decide are you actually hungry still? Or does that second plate of turkey dinner look extra appetizing

10.Enjoy the season! And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the season! It’s the holidays, and after a challenging filled 2020 it’s time we celebrated with those in our close circles. Enjoy the season and indulge every so often- but keep these healthy eating tips in mind to help you and your family stay healthy this holiday sea