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Grains in our lives

Try finding these common household items that contain Ontario’s barley, corn, oats, soybeans or wheat in your house using our bingo card below!

How do these items contain grains? We’ve explained them below:

  • Crayons: the wax is made from soybean oil
  • Mouthwash: contains alcohol that is made from grain corn
  • Soy butter: using soybeans, this spread tastes like peanut butter but is nut-free!
  • Candle: the wax is made from soybean oil
  • Oatmeal: using oat seeds, this dish is a popular breakfast!
  • Fish Food: made using barley, a grain high in iron, protein and other nutrients.
  • Cereal: many kinds of cereal are made from whole grains including barley, corn, oats and wheat. Read the ingredient list to see if your favourite cereal contains Ontario grains!
  • Lipstick: some lipsticks can contain soybeans or corn in their formulations.
  • Band-Aids: corn starch is used to make the cotton fibres in Band-Aids!
  • Lotion: Oats contain avenathramides, an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that soothes the skin.
  • Pearl or Pot Barley: a common way to purchase whole barely that ready for cooking
  • Flour: used for baking and cooking, flour is ground up wheat grains
  • Toothpaste: contains corn as one of the ingredients!
  • Jello: soybean protein are used in the formulation of some Jello’s
  • Dog treats: many pet foods use barley- a grain high in fibre and carbohydrates that produce energy for our (and our pets) bodies.
  • Mayonnaise: made using soybean oil!
  • Granola bar: granola bars can be made from whole grains like barley, oats and wheat.
  • Soy sauce: made from food-grade soybeans!
  • Gravy- contains wheat and wheat flour as an ingredient
  • Pretzels: using barley flour, these tasty snacks feature Ontario grains too
  • Taco Shells: taco shells or corn ships are made from cornmeal- ground up corn seeds
  • Hand Sanitizer: grain corn can make alcohol which can be used for fuel, whisky or medicinal uses like hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.
  • Baby Food: feature barley and other whole grains thanks to the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found.
  • Bread: baked using flour from wheat!