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Lots and lots of books!

Are you preparing for Earth Day celebrations in your classroom?  We ran a survey with educators across Ontario and these were some of their favourite books related to spring, Earth Day and planting.  Check out some of their suggestions (and check back in April for more!)

Teacher Recommended Books

Anywhere Farm  by Phyllis Root

You can plant a farm anywhere you like! All it takes is one seed and someone to plant it. (PreK–2)

Seeds by Carmen Lemniscates

Some seeds are whisked away by the wind, while others are carried by creatures. Once seeds find their spot, they go through breathtaking transformations.  (K–3)

Seed School: Growing up Amazing  by Joan Holub

Just like people, seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Meet the charming cast of characters who grow up to become different plants, vegetables, and flowers. (K–3)

A Seed Is the Start  by Melissa Stewart

Beautiful photographs and expressive text tell the story of the surprisingly diverse world of seeds. (1–4)

Under Your Feet: Soil, Sand, and Everything Underground by J. Stroud, W. Tang, & D. Kindersley

Healthy soil grows healthy food! Find out how farmers care for the soil. (Reference book for K–3)

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