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Thanksgiving cooking tips

When we think of Thanksgiving dinner we think about the friends, the family, the conversations, the drinks, and of course we think about the food (and the food coma that is sure to follow)! Before you can eat, you may be in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner and that can be a daunting task. Luckily, we are here to help you with a few grain-based Thanksgiving cooking tips to help make holiday less stressful!

Thanksgiving cooking tip #1: Make your sauces and stuffing in advance

When it comes to stuffing, you can start making this the day before; take your stale bread and soak it in milk and eggs in advance. Then on Thanksgiving day, add thyme and cheese and bake for an hour before dinner and you’re done!

Next, let’s move on to the gravy, did you know that most stock or bouillon cubes are made from corn flour and soy sauce. By making your gravy a day in advance you can actually let the flavours come together and can help reduce your stress on the day of.

Lastly, dessert time! Making your pie crust in advance and freezing can save you time on the day of, or even cooking your pie a day or two in advance will help save you time and stress.

Thanksgiving cooking tip #2: Prep your ingredients

Dishes that need to be cooked on the day of, can be started earlier in the week. You can prep and chop ingredients such as vegetables ahead of time to help reduce your stress on the day of!

Your could even try a barley as a side dish, and cook the barley ahead of time! Barley and Mushroom No-Stir Risotto or Warm barley salad would each make an excellent side dish this fall.

Try barley as a side dish this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving cooking tip #3: Cook different dishes in the same oven

As we all know, turkey takes a while to roast in the oven, but just because your turkey is in doesn’t mean you can’t cross-utilize the oven. Place your turkey on the lowest rack in the oven and allow to cook first. When the turkey is about an hour from being done, that’s when you can start to warm up your casseroles and other side dishes.

Thanksgiving tip #4: There’s nothing wrong with asking guests to bring a dish

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with friends and family to celebrate and give thanks., If you’re having guests this year, ask your guests to bring a dessert or a side dish! Having others bring a dish takes some stress off your plate and allows you to enjoy the day without the stress of cooking a full meal.

Thanksgiving is better with the goodness of Ontario grains. Check out our grain-based Holiday recipes here!