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Gearing up for an Ontario fall harvest

The fall season is synonymous with changing of leaves, cooler temperatures and enjoying the goodness of our favourite comfort foods. But, for #YourFarmers fall is arguably one of the busiest and most important times of the year: It’s time for an Ontario fall harvest!

Fall signals the start of harvest for a lot of Ontairo grain farmers. Many were harvesting this summer getting their winter wheat crops off, but two of Ontario’s biggest crops; soybeans and grain corn will come over the next few months.

Combine harvesting mature grain corn, and filling a grain buggy with the harvested grain.

This is the time of the year when farmers reap the benefits of their hard work- they see success in how they grow their crops, or how well their fields grew through the year. It’s the time of year where there are many moving parts: harvesting, transporting, drying and selling their grain.

This summer’s weather was rocky for some farmers. Northern and parts of Eastern Ontario faced horrible drought conditions, while other parts of Ontario saw a very wet and hot July. Both weather variables will affect how well a crop grew, and ultimately whether that crop will be successful. This will directly impact how well harvest is going- if the grains grew poorly there will be less yields, and less profit made off that field.

Weather during harvest can also be a huge challenge- it hard to predict what the weather will look like over the next few months, but a rainy (or snowy!) and cold harvest could make it difficult to get the crops off in decent time.

As much as harvest can be very challenging for some farmers, it’s also the time of year for celebration. Good crops, good weather, and getting the crop off in a timely manner is all cause for celebration for many farms.

A combine harvesting a field of soybeans.
Combine in a field of mature soybeans

As we at Good in Every Grain look towards fall many farmers are also gearing up for harvest. They’ll be getting their equipment ready to go, keeping a close eye on the weather, and walking their fields to determine exactly when their crops are mature.

As Ontario farmers ear up for harvest, we will be sure to share how they harvest their grain over the next few months! Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.