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Let’s celebrate Canadian Agriculture!

February 11 is Canada Ag Day where we celebrate all the things we love about Canadian agriculture! From the people growing our food to the delicious meals made with family let’s raise a fork to the food we love.

How are you celebrating today?

Why not try eating a Canadian agriculture inspired meal? Try making it grain-based using the quality and delicious grains that are grown across Canada – and right here in Ontario!

On the Good in Every Grain menu for #CdaAgDay

We are starting off with savoury cornbread muffins with chives made using cornmeal and wheat flour. The main course consists of a Beef sirloin topped with a mushroom whisky sauce with toasted barley and wild rice salad on the side. And, to end things off we recommend a delectable and so easy to make a raspberry oatmeal bar for dessert! Yum!

Don’t forget to celebrate the hardworking farmers who grow our quality food. Without them and their dedication, we wouldn’t have the quality grains that make our favourite foods. Celebrate #YourFarmers today! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today to leave a comment thanking Ontario’s farmers for all the hard work they do growing our food.