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STEM Challenge (Recommended: Grades 4-7)

Free download!  Students practise collaboration and critical thinking while learning what it takes to get our food from farm to table. They take with them the knowledge that every successful outcome starts with the first small step.

If your class didn’t take part in the Farmerettes program, it doesn’t matter. This project can be used by any teacher.

Have students gather in small groups and give each group a paper lunch bag filled with a variety of unrelated small items.

Setting a time limit, have each group see what they can put together from the contents of their paper bag to solve the challenge on the card they received.

What can they invent?

Deep Learning Connections: Communication, Collaborator, Critical thinking, Creativity

For detailed instructions, a suggested set of challenge cards to divide among the groups, and tips for encouraging teamwork, see:

Download Resource

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