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It’s spring! Let’s get growing!

A free resource for teaching the role of grains!

At times during the past decade, global media have reported that children don’t know where their food comes from . The reports weren’t talking about which countries produce exotic foods—they were reporting kids thinking that cheese comes from a plant and fish fingers come from chicken or cows. (Presumably, their parents didn’t know either.) Since then, many organizations and initiatives have worked to ensure that students will grow up knowing better.

Good in Every Grain is a public outreach campaign by Grain Farmers of Ontario. Among our public outreach goals, one includes helping teachers connect students to their food, to help them understand farming and its role in their lives and in the world. To that end, we’re very happy to be able to offer our free What’s Growing ON? seed kits!

The kits include planting cups, soil and seeds—everything you need to get growing. Just add water! This free resource was developed to complement Ontario’s grade 3 curriculum and offers connections to Science and Technology, Social Studies, Language and Math curricula. The kits come complete with a teacher’s guide and online resources.

Visit the Good in Every Grain website to find videos to accompany the What’s Growing ON? guide as well as tips from teachers who have used the kits in their classrooms.

Check out and order the What’s Growing ON? seed kits! Happy planting!