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Great yields, great harvest!

Compared to last year, this year’s harvest was a breeze! Last year, we had an early winter that left some crops of soybeans and corn out in the snow. This can create a huge problem–if snow goes through a combine it can cause it to plug.

This year, on the other hand, everything went extremely well. This was the year that will keep farmers reminiscing for years to come. We have yet to see any major snow throughout the region. Approaching and during harvest, there were very few weather delays, so crops were harvested in a very short time span while at the correct moisture (or sometimes even below) for proper storage.

Yields throughout most of Ontario were absolutely incredible, with most areas receiving rain and sun at the exact times that the crops required them. Throughout Ontario it was said by many older farmers that this harvest was their best in all the years of their farm history. Incredible yields (with reports of a single field reaching a 300+ bushel average with their farm average being in the 250’s for corn), incredible crop harvest moisture, and incredible weather to be harvesting! Never can most farmers ever remember harvesting corn in a t-shirt, as a typical corn harvest usually consists of near zero or below temperatures and snow in the air.