Local Food Week

How are you celebrating Local Food Week? #loveONTfood

We love celebrating local food and our local grains. This year may not have been the greatest spring for #YourFarmers planting plans, but in celebration of Local Food Week from June 3- 9 we want to hear from you! What is your favourite local food? Does it include grains? Is there a local restaurant you visit to get good local food? All this week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we will be asking our followers what their favourite local foods are- and if they include Ontario grains! End of day Friday, we will randomly select a follower to receive dinner with a guest at their favourite local restaurant!*

Comment, share, retweet or reply and tag who you would take out for a local meal to be entered for your chance to win!

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#NoPlant 2019

We bet you and your family have not been enjoying this wet, cool spring. Our grain farming families sure haven’t! Wet and cool weather in the spring means Ontario grains will be late getting planted as grain seeds cannot grow in wet or cold ground. In fact #plant2019 is one of the wettest springs many of our farmers have ever seen, we know this because we talk about the weather A LOT here at Good in Every Grain!

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Those Summer Diets are Picking Up Their Yearly Steam: Should You Try Them?

Blog post contributed by Michelle Jaelin, TV and digital media Nutrition Expert, licensed registered dietitian, creative food content developer and President of NutritionArtist.com.

When spring arrives, we start hearing about “bikini bodies,” with people around us talking about going on diets in order to get “beach-body ready.” Maybe losing weight for bikini season is something you’ve considered too. Hey, we all want to feel great in a bathing suit. Is a “fat-shedding” diet the way to go? We could talk for hours about understanding and loving your own natural beauty, but if you are looking to lose weight for the summer, then I want to talk a bit about fad diets.

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