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Career alert! Agricultural engineer

It will seem like hardly any time at all until your students will be grown and heading out into the world to make a living and a difference. Will they be ready to take the world by storm? Could today’s lessons in agriculture and science set them on a path toward agricultural engineering? How about exploring this important ag-related profession?

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Job: Agricultural Engineer

Environmental engineering is a STEM field. An agricultural engineer uses science and engineering to find solutions to problems on farms and then make sure the solutions work. They take farming problems and figure out innovative and functional solutions to it.

What do agricultural engineers do?

Agricultural engineers solve problems on farms, including environmental conditions. They combine principles from different types of science. They find ways to make things work better. For example, if soil drainage is an issue than they will find ways to make soil healthier and drain better. The systems they create might be new machines, computer software to control machines, or a new way of doing a job on the farm. Many agricultural engineers also supervise the people who install, operate, and maintain the systems they develop. 

Why do we need agricultural engineers?

We need agricultural engineers because the goal of their work is to prevent damage, like soil erosion, and they help farmers to farm sustainably.

Where do agricultural engineers work?

Agricultural engineers work on farms, in cities, and in offices. It depends on the location of the problem they want to solve. They work with other specialists, like agronomists.

How do you become an agricultural engineer?

The education you need to become an agricultural engineer is a university degree in agricultural engineering or another specialty that works with the environment, like chemical or environmental engineering. Agricultural engineering is a great profession for people who have a passion for agriculture, the environment and like solving problems.

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