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Planet vs Plastics: Video & STEM challenge (Grades 3-6)

Planet vs Plastic is the Earth Day 2024 global theme. Get ready for Earth Day in April by starting conversations with your students!

Check out our new teaching resource to help you teach grades 3 – 6 about the need to reduce our reliance on plastics and challenge them to think about how all of us can do our part.

  • A mini-lesson featuring a video, STEM challenge using the Engineering Design Process, guide to creating an illustrated world wall, and a lesson assessment.
  • Complements Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum
  • Opens a dialogue for students to explore the use of plastics in our lives and on grain farms

Check out these great resources!

Planet vs. Plastics Video: What about plastic on farms?

Watch this video to learn more about plastic found on farms, and what farmers are doing to reuse, reuse and recycle farm plastic. Do you think your students could come up with a solution?

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STEM Challenge

Repurposing plastic items is one way to keep plastic out of the environment. The STEM challenge tests students’ creativity and understanding of the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics.


Word wall

Expand students’ ability to talk about the environmental issues created by the over-use of plastics.


Engineering Design Process poster

Students will apply the Engineering Design Process by addressing a problem, imagining and choosing a solution, and making and testing a creation.



Designed with your limited time in mind, the assessment tool will help you evaluate your students’ progress.