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Real Dirt on Farming

Dig into farming!

Through our surveys, teachers have told us they want content related to sustainability and stewardship, topics important to us, too. These are some of the questions from teachers:

  • How are grain farmers contributing to conservation efforts (i.e., conserving natural resources, living things, etc.). 
  • Some ideas for Grade 7 and 8: Climate change and feeding the world population, safe use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Sustainability & Stewardship themes would be fantastic!
  • Resources that address food insecurity in an age-appropriate manner for primary students would also be helpful.

As you prepare to talk with your students about big topics, some involving agriculture, reliable resources will be important. Let’s start with the Real Dirt on Farming from Farm and Food Care! It’s credible, fact-based, Canadian, and a great complement to Good in Every Grain’s classroom resources

The Real Dirt on Farming magazine is published by Farm & Food Care  and is an education partner of Agriculture in the Classroom Canada. You may find its educator guide helpful; the Real Dirt on Farming in the Classroom is available to download for free in English or French (just click on the Educators tab). It includes lesson plans and worksheets and is cross-referenced with the online magazine. A free supplement provides related curriculum connections across provincial curriculam.

Coming in the next months! Teaching aspects of sustainability with grade-appropriate information, resources, and videos!

For the rest of the school year, we will unpack topics you have asked for, a little at a time, and provide additional resources, activities, and videos to give you a helping hand.

March: Sustainable farming starts with soil! 
April:  Let’s talk about emissions!
May:  Farming sustainably with a technology tool box

We hope you’ll read along with us. Before we get started, go to the Real Dirt on Farming, click on View the Current Issue, and download the magazine. Then, from the Educators tab on the home page, download the Real Dirt on Farming in the Classroom.


Chapter 1 – Canadian Farms and Farmers – Who is Growing our Food?
Chapter 2 – Food Cost, Availability and Eating Local
Chapter 3 – Sustainable Farming, Climate Change, and Innovation
Chapter 4 – Producing Safe and Healthy Food
Chapter 5 – Crops and Plants
Chapter 6 – Farm Animals
Chapter 7 – The Future of Food and Farming

Help us help you! Please let us know where you would like support and where you see the tightest curriculum links. We will build your feedback into our plans!