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Introducing Ontario Farming STEMterprise

Ontario Farming STEMterprise! New, unique, and free!

The Ontario government, in the 2022 Science and Technology curriculum for grades 1– 8, recognized the need to teach food literacy. Also within the revised curriculum is the need to incorporate STEM subjects. Our new Ontario Farming STEMterprise project fully meets, and exceeds, Ontario’s Science and Technology curriculum requirements.

Ontario Farming STEMterprise is a STEM teaching resource that turns students into entrepreneurs! It is project-based, cross-curricular, classroom-tested, and integrates STEM and other transferable skills. At the core of students’ learning is discovering where their food comes from and how it gets from field to market to table. Best of all, STEMterprise is easy to use and FREE!

Through the range of activities students will engage in hands-on experiences with real-life applications, such as developing and making a grain-based granola bar they will sell. They will research the market and even design a logo and create packaging made of sustainable materials.

Students will also learn about plant growth and the importance of soil as they grow their own plants using our FREE What’s Growing ON? seed kit. It comes with oat, soybean and wheat seeds along with seed cups and soil wafers, and an updated series of lessons featuring activities and narrated teaching slides. Just open-and-go! You can download it for FREE.

The first 30 classes to sign up will not only receive the free seed kits—they will also receive a $50 gift card for groceries or Dollarama for supplies to make the granola bars.

Ontario Farming STEMterprise comes with all the teaching resources you’ll need for FREE, including lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and worksheets, all available online—just click and go! Download the program at the link below.