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Visual Holiday Art Contest winners!

And the winners are:

Today on Twitter, we announced the winners for our Visual Holiday Art Contest, we hosted alongside What’s your food story? this past holiday season. Students across Ontario were encouraged to share their holiday tradition through art, and did they deliver! We had some great submissions and wanted to celebrate those and celebrate the amazing holiday traditions students across Ontario celebrate each year.

This contest had two categories: classroom and individual.

The classroom winner is:

The Grade 2 Class from Denlow Public School in Toronto thanks to Victor’s holiday art about his family’s dumplings!

Victor’s dumpling drawing.

The individual winner is:

Heidi, age 13 from Ottawa for her digital drawing of tiramisu which she enjoys during the holiday season and on her birthday.

Heidi’s tiramisu drawing!


Check out the amazing submissions we received below:

New Year’s eve from Ms. Kirkham’s class.
The most famous persian traditional food called Zdereshk Polo which will be served on holidays and parties. From Eelia, grade 3 student at Denlow Public School.
Traditional Diwali Diyas (lamps), from Ms. Kirkham’s Grade 3 class.
I have drawn chicken adobo for my submission. Chicken adobo is a staple in Filipino cuisine. It’s made with soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves and more. I wanted to capture the food but also the feeling and excitement of watching my dad pour the adobo on my plate (little me was on the edge of my seat waiting for my serving). We all ate it as a family and it was so delicious. I’ll never forget that experience. Here you can see the dish but also the colors in the back representing my emotions. I painted it with acrylics. From Ligaya, Age 13 from Ottawa.
The picture depicts the feast in Transitional Chinese New Year from Yolanda, age 9.
Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner from Avery, age 7 in Toronto.
For dinner on Christmas I like to have turkey and mashed potatoes, beans, carrots, buns, a pickle tray and a drink. From Isla, age 10 in Elora.
My art is about Chinese food, since I am a Chinese Canadian. I chose to do my favourites-noodles, and dumplings/xiaolongbao, but of course there are others I enjoy such as spring rolls, but I felt it was best to use these 2. The coloured part of the picture represents all the happiness I feel when I finally get to spend time with my family, and the uncoloured is my slight sadness when everything ends, and when I reflect on sad/embarrassing memories that happened the previous year. It also represents all the good and the bad in this world. When I think about Chinese food it reminds me how it feels to gather as a family together on Chinese New Year (Even though most of my family is in China, I still have mom, dad, and my brother). From Chloe, age 9 in Markham.
Drawing and colouring of a holiday meal shared with family. From Hannah, age 9 in Ottawa.
I like for Christmas dinner a turkey dinner with beans mashed potatoes and corn. From Elliot, age 12 in Elora.
J’ai dessine de la fondue, une buche de noel et un bonnehomme de pain d’epice. Chaque annee a Noel, chez ma maman on mange de la fondue au chocolat et le fondue au fromage. Cette annee, chez mon papa ma familee a mange une buche de Noel. J’amie decorer les bonhommes et femmes de pain d’epice avec maman et mon frere. (see photo for French language accents). From MG age 9 in Ottawa.
Gaby, age 15 Yule Log Cake drawing.
Gingerbread house collage from Spencer, age 9 in Ottawa.
Brooke also drew a gingerbread house. Age 9 from Ottawa.
Gingerbread man (colouring and collage) from Julia, age 5 in Ottawa.
Hanukkah-themed drawing and colouring from Rory, age 9 in Ottawa.
I made a really tasty sweet cheese Middle Eastern dessert, called Kanafa!
To make this yummy dessert I used Orange clay, red clay, green clay and white clay, I also shaped it into a square to make it as realistic as possible.
I chose to make this artwork because it represents a traditional dessert in my culture and it is one of my favourites! From Zain, age 8 Toronto.
Drawing with colour of favourite holiday treats from Leo, age 9 in Ottawa.
It is a cheesy bowl of macaroni and cheese. I have macaroni and cheese every Saturday for lunch. Sofia, age 9, from Maple.
I made a heart-shaped mooncake, which is a sweet treat-usually it is round, but this year it was heart shaped so we could donate money to a hospital for COVID-19. I made it by using pencil crayons to colour it and a pencil to draw the heart mooncake outline. I made it because Chinese people, like me, eat a mooncake every time it is the Mid-Autumn Festival. From Sophie, age 7 in Toronto.
Spring Festival Party from Cherie, age 9 in Richmond Hill.
Sushi on a plate(out of wood) from Alice, age 9 in Toronto.
My artistic work piece of a turkey in its god form. from Alex, age 13 in Ottawa.