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Fields to Forks 2020: Rising cost of food

64% of Canadians found in a 2019 survey by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, that the rising cost of food is the number one issue when it comes to life and food issues. Looking at the grocery store and the prices on some food products it’s easy to understand this concern, especially in a time of a global pandemic.

One of #YourFarmers top priorities is producing an abundance of top quality food, and fortunately, we are lucky here in Ontario that that also means we are getting quality food that is in fact affordable for many families. Here in Canada, we are very fortunate to pay some of the lowest food prices – on average just under 10% of our annual incomes go to our grocery bills. Nigeria, for example, spends over half of its annual household incomes on groceries.

But the rising cost of food is still a legitimate concern for many families across the province.

Meet #YourFarmer, Josh Boresen that farms with his family in Stratford, Ontario and how growing affordable and top quality food is a priority for his family- both as consumers and as grain farmers.

Read more on how today’s food production practises including the work being done on a grain farm helps keep food costs down for Ontario families.