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The Whole Grains Story: Corn #WhereDoGrainsGo

Corn in the field that is ready for harvest

In terms of global production, Canada is a minor player: producing only 1% of the global corn supply. Global production is driven by the United States, China, and South America.Grain corn is the second largest crop in terms of acreage in Ontario, but it is the largest volume crop – farmers produce on average between 7.5-9 million metric tonnes a year on 2 million acres. Ontario is the leading corn producing province in the country – growing, on average, 63% of Canada’s grain corn.

Ontario corn production graphic

Over 90% of the corn produced in Ontario is used domestically. Animal feed is the main market, at 45%. Swine and beef cattle are the main users of corn for animal feed. When the by-products of processing are included, such as Dried Distillers Grains (DDGs), total feed consumption is as high as 54% of all corn grown in the province.

Over 37% of domestic utilization is used in ethanol production and other industrial applications, including industrial alcohols and oils. Food for human consumption is also an important market, accounting for 18% of domestic utilization.

Ontario corn exports have been steadily increasing over the past number of years and with increased production continuing to occur year over year, exports present a growth opportunity for corn. Major export markets include the United States, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, and the Netherlands.

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