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Norm Lamothe, 52 weeks of #YOURFARMERS

Norm Lamothe

        You can do 1000 different things with one acre of land.

Norm’s family has farmed in the Peterborough area for six generations. Norm, his wife, their three children, and his wife’s parents and brother-in-law all work together on the operation growing soybeans, corn, wheat, hay, fruit, and maple syrup. Both Norm’s parents and parents-in-law are graduates with focuses in agriculture, and Norm has a degree in business from the University of Ottawa.

Norm’s farm has an open door policy that allows visitors to tour the farm and see firsthand how modern farms operate. He is also a licensed pilot and co-founder of a service company that uses drones to help farmers make smarter planting and management decisions. Norm wants to use new technology to help local farmers make their farming practices smarter and more sustainable.

52 Weeks of #YOURFARMERS

In 2017, we’re highlighting a new Ontario grain farmer every week. Get to know us!