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Good in Every Grain at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The Growing Connections trailer on Canada Day

From Farm to Shelf!

As the local food movement heats up with popularity, Ontarians have become more conscious of where the food on their plate comes from.  What many don’t realize is that products we use every day, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or garage, contain locally grown grain products such as grain corn, soybeans and wheat!

Did you know?

  • Some soap products contain wheat protein – an excellent antioxidant with superior conditioning and protective properties as well as wound healing abilities.
  • Sorbitol, made from grain corn, is used in toothpaste to help keep it soft and smooth.  For those of you who forget to put the lid on your toothpaste tube, sorbitol also helps to prevent toothpaste from drying out when exposed to air for a long period of time!
  • Crayons made from soybeans are safer for children to use as they are less toxic being made from renewable sources.  The colours of soy crayons are also brighter and glide onto paper smoother than others.  Fun fact: one acre of soybeans will make a whopping 82,000 crayons!

From November 7th to 16th we’ll be at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair showcasing the versatility of grain products, with a pantry filled with things you may never know came from grains!

Make sure to check out our Facebook page, as we’ll be hosting giveaways throughout the week with Family Packs to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!