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Busy 2014 season for Grain Discovery Zone

After seven months, 25 events and 15 000 kilometres, the Grain Farmers of Ontario’s interactive display, Grain Discovery Zone, is wrapping up a busy 2014 season. Since April, the Grain Discovery Zone has attended a variety of events across Ontario, each with unique ways of promoting Ontario’s vibrant agriculture sector. Highlights include attending the oldest annual fair in Canada at the 203rd fair in Williamstown, taking the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island, and being part of the tractor parade at the East Kent Vintage Equipment Show in Ridgetown.

The final stop for the Grain Discovery Zone this year will be at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair in Toronto from November 7-16th. Grain Farmers of Ontario’s Growing Connections trailer will also be attending.

The Grain Discovery Zone trailer features a corn box with tractors and farm implements. Also included is a 50” TV screen that presents trivia questions and videos featuring Ontario grain farmers while learning about production practices and end-uses for Ontario grains.

If you would like to have the Grain Discovery Zone attend your event, please submit a request through our website, or contact