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Fuel up with bite-sized food videos

If you occasionally use videos at lunchtime to keep kids in their seats, why not show them videos about food? Your class will be delighted to mix one of their favourite leisure activities – watching videos – with another focus that is popular with people of all ages: picking up simple ideas and practical tips for preparing our food.  Well, anything to do with food!

Other benefits?

  • Kids de-stress after a busy morning
  • They bond over a common interest they can discuss later
  • They share their own likes and dislikes about food

How about a little foundational knowledge, proving that it’s possible to make the subject of nutrition entertaining? Bill Nye the Science Guy (23 minutes):

For some lighthearted fun, the HiHo Kids channel on YouTube has these and more. What School Lunch Looks Like Around the World (6 minutes):

Kids Try 100 Years of School Lunches (9 minutes):

Kids Share Their School Lunches with Their Teachers (4.5 minutes):

Kids Try Famous Foods from Cartoons (10 minutes):

And then some ideas kids might try for themselves, with adult supervision of course.

5 Homework Snacks Kids Can Make (7 minutes):

Meals Kids Can Cook (8 mins):

Family Fun Pack: Cooking Chicken Alfredo with Chris (6 mins):

These videos can be a jumping-off point for discovery of other short films kids will look forward to during lunch breaks. Why wait for “movie night” – how about movie “lunch!”