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Fall decorating with grains

Have you started your fall decorations yet? Ontario grains have so many benefits: their quality and uses are known worldwide, are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and of course they look so great growing in the fields! But, did you know you can create your own fall decorations using Ontario grains? We’ve saved some great ideas on our Pinterest board, “Decorating with Grains”. 

Here are two ways to decorate your home this fall using dried corn husks. A corn husk is generally the outside covering of an ear of corn and a corn husk bundle can include the dried leave and stalks and tassels from the plant.

Corn Husk Wreath:


  • Corn husks
  • Wire wreath
  • Thin wire or twine
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors


  1. Start by taking your corn husks and cutting them to equal lengths (about 10-12 inches).
  2. Take a handful of the husks and lay them flat on the wire wreath.
  3. Tie or wrap wire around the bottom of the bunch to hold it tight to the wire wreath.
  4. Layer the next corn husk handful on top of the first handful. Make sure this second bundle covers the wire to twine from the first bundle but is far enough down to cover the next few inches of the wreath.
  5. Repeat all the way around the wreath layering the corn husks but making sure to keep the wires or twines covered!
  6. Once you’re near the beginning of the the wreath, place the last corn husk underneath the first bundle and wire/tie it here. Layer or place the first bundle on top of the last bundle to keep all wires covered or hidden.
  7. Add some ribbon, plaid or twine bows for extra decoration!

Corn Husk Pumpkins:


  • Fresh corn leaves OR Dried corn leaves
  • Plastic pumpkins
  • Hot glue gun


  1. If you are using dried corn leaves you may need to soak them in water to make them pliable. Fresh ones should work right away.
  2. Take one corn leaf and starting at the bottom of the pumpkin, hot glue it underneath the pumpkin and up along the side to the top of the pumpkin. You want to start with the wider end of the bottom and end with the tips of the leaves  at the top of the pumpkin.
  3. Leave the leaf tips unglued at the top.
  4. Keep rotating around the pumpkin covering all parts with strips of corn leaves.
  5. Once the whole pumpkin is covered,gather the tips of the leaves and tie tightly together, add a bit of decorative moss or ribbon to the top to create the rest of the display.