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Road safety with farm equipment

road safety. combine on road during harvest

It’s that time of the year again! Fall means changing leaves, warm pies, and cooler weather. But, Ontario’s fall harvest will soon be picking up speed and we’ve got some tips on how to safely drive on the roads when #YourFarmers are moving large farm equipment on the roads.

  1. Be patient. Farm equipment like tractors and combines move slowly but be patient while driving behind them. Remember, most farmers are only on busy roadways for a short period of time between fields or farms.
  2. Be alert! Keep an eye out for farm vehicles in rural areas and watch their lights and turn signals. Sometimes, they will need to make wide left or right turns into driveways or narrow roads so keep well back until they make their turn.
  3. Pass with caution. Wait until the way is clear and there is enough room on the road for your safely pass equipment on narrow roads. Don’t pass on curves, or where your cannot see oncoming traffic.
  4. Don’t assume the farmer can see you! Most farm equipment have mirrors or even cameras on the back of equipment but your car is much smaller than a combine and your may be driving in their blind spots.
  5. Be respectful. As a farmer, there is nothing worse than having a busy day of field work planned out in front of you and having an angry motorist cut your off or blare the horn as they pass you.

At the end of the day, we want everyone to arrive home safe. Keep in mind that #YourFarmers and other motorists are on the roads. Take your time, enjoy the fall scenery and be respectful to large farm equipment that are on the roads.