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#TrainWithGrainsTuesday Tip 7

We know how hard it is to ensure you and your family are enjoying a healthy lifestyle that includes whole grains. Every Tuesday we will release a #TrainWithGrainsTip that will help you include whole grains into your healthy lifestyle.

Our tip this week is:

Tip #7

Gluten free?

Should you be eating gluten? You’ve probably about gluten but what is it? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. It gives elasticity to baked goods, and provides that chewy texture. Making gluten a part of your diet can aid in maintaining a healthy body mass. In fact, whole grains like wheat are recommended as part of a balanced diet and associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, type-2 diabetes, dementia and other health conditions.

Eating the right grains can help you get the energy you need for activities and build muscle.

But, its different so I need to avoid it right?

The protein in wheat has remained relatively unchanged, so the gluten in today’s foods has very similar characteristics as the wheat from ancient times. Today’s gluten isn’t causing issues with today’s society unless you’re part of the 1% of the population diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

If you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease, make sure to check your gluten-free labels carefully. These foods can sometimes be less healthy with more sugars, refined ingredients, fat and salt.

But, i cut gluten from my diet and loss weight? 

There is no scientific evidence to link wheat or gluten to weight loss. Weight problems are not the fault of one food (or in this case one specific protein found in some foods); it’s total diet and lifestyle that matter.

Some people who eliminate gluten from their diet will lose weight, because they will no longer be eating cakes, cookies, pastries and baked goods, and their usual fast foods like pizza, burgers and pasta are no longer easily accessible. It’s not the gluten that helps with weight loss, it’s the reduction of total calories, sugar and fat. You can simply cut back on these foods to lose weight without totally eliminating gluten from the diet.

Whole grains are very important to a healthy lifestyle, and studies have shown removing them can cause some health concerns.

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