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By the numbers

Without grains the world would not be fed. For the entire population grains are a staple product and without the production of grains many would not be able to survive. Grains are not only found in food, but also in fuel as well as other household items such as furniture and toothpaste.

Ontario produces on average 73% of Canada’s winter wheat crop and on average 9% of Canada’s total wheat production (2013).

Ontario produces on average 60% of Canada’s total soybean production. Canada is the world’s 7th largest soybean producer exporting to over 50 different countries (2013).

Ontario produces on average 65% of Canada’s total corn production. Canada is the 10th largest corn producing country with most exports going to the United States (2013).

Jobs provided by Ontario and Canadian agriculture range from primary production to processing to transport. Ontario grains can also be found in over 2,500 different items in a local grocery store.