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To Prepare for Race Day, #TRAINWITHGRAINS

This year Grain Farms of Ontario and Canada Running Series have teamed up to help you prepare for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Each week the CRS Community Leaders shared their favourite pre- and post-race recipes on the CRS blog, featuring barley, corn, oats, soybeans and wheat – the perfect healthy grains to help you get race-ready. Now that the STWM is just around the corner, the Community Leaders have come together to reveal their top tips for fueling yourself on marathon day. Share your training tips and favourite pre- and post-race recipes using the hashtag #trainwithgrains!

Plan for it! By the time you realize you need to fuel during a race, it’s likely too late.

– Heather Gardner, RunSoulCycle


Pay attention to your fuelling long before the night before your race. Observe a clean and balanced diet everyday and most of the mystery around fueling will take care of itself.

– Christa Davidson, Runnin’ on Empties


Carbs and grains the night before a marathon are a great idea, but remember to be conscious of your portions and don’t overeat. Eat small meals before your race and save the “reward” eating for after the race!

– Jean-Paul Bedard, Breathe Through This


Don’t eat too large of a meal the night before your race. Instead, consume smaller portions of 2:1 carbs to protein for every meal during the week leading up to your race.

– JP Hernandez, The Dark Knight Runner


If traditional sports drinks don’t agree with your stomach, try something different like water mixed with pomegranate and blueberry juice with honey. But don’t try anything new on race day!

– Lisa Davidson, Toronto Fit Mom


Don’t try anything new in the days leading up to your race. It’s a terrible time to experiment and find out that something does not agree with you. Stick to what you know.

– Steve Layton, Get Out Do More


Pay attention to your hydration and fuelling needs during race week. Have a good, hearty meal with healthy carbs at least two days before your race. On race day, oatmeal is the perfect pre-run breakfast about two hours before the race.

– Linda Nguyen, Linda M. Nguyen


My secret weapon is getting protein in the morning. I always eat a nice portion of grilled salmon along with my oatmeal. I also have a cup of coffee handy to kick-start my day!

– Alyssa Cheung, The Real Alyssa


Fueling is something you need to train for. As you train, you need to experiment with what type of fueling works for you. In particular you should note what you did for fueling, especially when it comes to your long runs. Make note of what you ate a day or two before your run and evaluate how energized you felt during your run. Make note how different fueling options work for you in sustaining you to the finish. And finally, make note of what you eat immediately after a long run to gauge its impact on how quickly you are able to recover.

– Andrew Chak, Obsessive Runner


Keep nuts and dried fruit in mason jars in your desk drawer at work or in little containers in your bag. I am often very hungry around 3 p.m., especially in the days after a long run, and it’s helpful to have nutrient-rich snacks on hand at all times.

– Jodi Lewchuk, Jodi Lewchuk


Remember to stop by the Grain Farmers of Ontario post-race food area for a delicious, healthy snack following your race. You can also visit our Growing Connections Trailer, located on Queen Street south of Nathan Phillips Square, to learn about Ontario grain farmers and the great work they do.