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Meet your Good in Every Grain Ambassadors: Donna Rogers

Donna Rogers

Where: Wellesley Township, Waterloo County

Grows: Hay, corn, wheat and barley

Loves Farming Because: I most enjoy the freedom that farming provides me. Farming is very hard work with long hours but you’re able to work at your own pace. Usually you are not tied down to a desk and you can also have your pets by your side while you work on the projects you have set out for yourself for the day. Growing up on the farm taught me so much about life, including hard work, family ties and good values.

Excited About Instagram Program Because: Being an ambassador gives me a chance to be out in the fields with the farmers, capturing their day-to-day activities, while enjoying the sunshine (or rain). It will also allow me to relay the excitement or challenges farmers face in their everyday life with the industry and beyond.

Find me on…
Twitter: @rogers_donna

Instagram: @drogers6267