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Is there a future in agriculture for your kids?

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As applications for post-secondary education are starting to be submitted for next September, you might be wondering if the ever-hungry, occasionally-moody, fledgling grownup in your home is heading in the right direction. Fine arts? Life sciences? Trade school? There are a lot of stressful decisions for everyone to make.

If your high school student is looking to go to school for agriculture, they certainly have the support of the industry. Agriculture demands a wide range of skills and knowledge that will challenge your young adult, while giving them a gift of understanding, hard work and commitment. An agriculture degree can open up numerous possibilities in finance, marketing, research, advising and of course being involved front and centre with the production of the world’s food. Opportunities in agriculture are vast, and companies are looking for bright, new protégés. Modern farm operations are highly skilled and educated teams that use technology and information to make every business decision. There are endless unique, challenging, and fulfilling job opportunities in Ontario agriculture.