Keep grains in your summer meal plans

It’s the beginning of June and 2019 is almost half gone, which means summer will finally commence! Not surprisingly, many families are working towards keeping up their schedules and routines until the school year ends. With only a few weeks left of school, how are you keeping up with your everyday eating routine?

I often have people approach me and ask for recipe ideas to change up meals to keep things interesting throughout the week. I understand that eating the same meals several days per week can get boring or repetitive! With summer break around the corner, meal planning and keeping fun, healthy meals on the table can be a challenge for busy families. Have you thought about including more grains into your diet? As a dietitian, I find grains are always a nutritious, delicious and versatile option for multiple meals!

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Those Summer Diets are Picking Up Their Yearly Steam: Should You Try Them?

Blog post contributed by Michelle Jaelin, TV and digital media Nutrition Expert, licensed registered dietitian, creative food content developer and President of

When spring arrives, we start hearing about “bikini bodies,” with people around us talking about going on diets in order to get “beach-body ready.” Maybe losing weight for bikini season is something you’ve considered too. Hey, we all want to feel great in a bathing suit. Is a “fat-shedding” diet the way to go? We could talk for hours about understanding and loving your own natural beauty, but if you are looking to lose weight for the summer, then I want to talk a bit about fad diets.

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Whole grain health on TSN 1150 The X-Factor with Lesley Stewart

We invited Michelle Jaelin, Registered Dietitian  from to talk about the benefits of whole grain and the impact they have on a healthy lifestyle to Lesley Stewart from The X-Factor on TSN 1150!

“Athletes, weekend warriors and even the average Joe, can learn a lot from this next segment because we all function at a higher level when we are properly fueled using nutrition based grain to fuel our bodies” – Lesley Stewart.

Listen below: