FDA names 16 dog-food brands with potential link to canine heart disease

Grains have been shown to be incredibly important to help reduce risks for heart disease. Heart disease is a group of conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity that can affect the structures or functions of the heart leading to heart attacks and strokes.
Research has concluded that including whole grains in a daily diet can help reduce many of the risk factors that lead to heart disease. The Heart and Stoke Foundation of Canada says 80% of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented through your life habits, such as eating a healthy diet that includes whole grains.

Earlier this week, CBC News released an article that claims the U.S Food and Drug Administration names 16 dog food brands that a prominently labelled as “grain free” to be a potential link to canine heart disease.

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Backyard Corn Dogs

Home made corn dog fried sausage skewer with mustard

These nostalgic and simple corn dogs are perfect for kids (and adults!) to have as quick and tasty meal during the busy summer months. Don’t forget the mustard on top!

• ½ cup cornmeal
• ½ cup all-purpose flour
• ¼ tsp salt
• 1/8 tsp black pepper
• 1/8 cup white sugar
• 2 tsp baking powder
• 1 egg
• ½ cup milk
• Vegetable oil for frying
• 8 hot dogs or sausages of your choice

1. In a large bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, salt and pepper, sugar, and baking powder; then mix in the egg and milk;
2. Preheat oil in a deep saucepan over medium heat;
3. Insert wooden skewers into the hot dogs; roll them in the batter until they are well coated;
4. Fry two or three corn dogs at a time until lightly browned, and drain them on paper towels.