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What’s Growing ON? in Ontario

Among the many popular classroom resources developed for teachers by Good in Every Grain, is the free What’s Growing ON? seed kit. The resource has been available since 2019 and has proven a successful and fun way for students to learn about the life cycle of plants. Teachers using the kits in their classrooms across Ontario share ideas and report that students are excited to see the first soybean or wheat seedling emerge from the soil. They enjoy the hands-on learning as they nurture their little plants, track their plants’ progress and chart growing conditions.

Teachers find the kits mess-free and easy to use in their classrooms; each kit includes a cup, soil wafer, two seeds per cup (soybean and wheat) to give students options, and a guide for teachers available in English and French (Qu’est-ce qu’ON cultive?). During the pandemic, students and families were able to participate online with the handy kits.

Check out the many Ontario locations where teachers and students are enjoying What’s growing ON? seed kit.